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  • Cobra Leopard Guppy

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  • Oranda RedCap Goldfish

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  • KZZ FH

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  • Candy Betta Koi

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    Ludwigia Glandulosa

    In a submerged state, in your tank, fish ponds, or its natural habitat, it grows straight to the water surface without the presence of side stems.

    The keyword is not likely to branch, but if you want it to have side shoots to grow widely, you have to snip the stem’s tips.

    Per Bundle: 5 Stem

    120.00 95.00
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    Alternanthera Sessilis

    Alternanthera sessilis is an aquatic plant known by several common names, including sessile joyweed and dwarf copperleaf. It is used as an aquarium plant. The plant occurs throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the Old World. It has been introduced to the southern United States, and its origins in Central and South America are uncertain. This Is the best and attractive aqua Plant for planted aquarium. Bright colors n attractive look makes this plant most favorite plants in hobbits.

    Per Bundle: 3 stem

    80.00 65.00
  • Amazon Frogbit

    Since it is a floating plant, there is no need to add CO2 to the aquarium. However, fertilizer should be added to the water regularly, and it’s always a good idea to add a high quality fertilizer like Seachem Flourish during weekly water changes.

    Per Bundle: 3 Floater

  • Water Lettuce

    Water lettuce is compatible with most fish, although larger fish like cichlids may damage it. However, it should be completely avoided in any tank containing goldfish or any other large herbivore fish, as they tend to eat the roots, and even the plant itself.

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    Red Root Floater

    This plant is one of the best-looking floating plants for the aquarium and it propagates quickly!

    Per Bundle: 3 Floater

    200.00 175.00