• Teqiang Aquarium...

    High Technology * Excellent & Reliable Quality * High Output * Safe & Quit Operation

  • Toblerone Mirror...

    We use this mirror as a bait fish your it will help your flowerhorn develop confidence and help to grow a bigger kok if the flowerhorn thinks it’s the dominant fish in the tank it will enlarge the kok.

  • Tropical Fish Food...

    Tropical Fish Food Pellets for cleaner Aquariums 30 Grams Repack

  • Water Lettuce

    Water lettuce is compatible with most fish, although larger fish like cichlids may damage it. However, it should be completely avoided in any tank containing goldfish or any other large herbivore fish, as they tend to eat the roots, and even the plant itself.

  • Xinyou Sponge Filter

    With airlift system super biochemical sponge filter pictured silenced operation and has an excellent filtering effect while oxygenating the water.