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    The color of Red Cabomba can be enhanced to a gold and pinkish color by the careful limitation of nitrate. Excessive foliage shedding is usually a sign of poor water conditions or CO2 deficiency.

    Per Bundle: 5 stems

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    Demily Branded Curved...

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    Dwarf Sagittaria

    Dwarf Sagittaria is a perennial plant species with height up to 10 – 15 cm (about 4 – 6 inches). They possess bright green foliage that has narrowly linear, arrow-shaped to ovate / oval in form. Leaves are generally stiff, short, and 1mm to 7mm wide.

    Per Bundle: 5 stems

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  • German Flakes

    German Flakes 30Grams


    This balanced diet will help you fish grow faster and healthier.

  • German Flakes Fish...

    German fish flakes for aquarium and pond fish 30g pack High quality flakes Fish flakes

  • Heavy Duty Stainless...

    Xi Long Heavy Duty Stainless Heater or Heating Rod with Temperature Control for Fish Aquarium

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    Typically, one plant will have many stems, creating the look of multiple plants. Hornwort lacks true roots, but certain leaves function to help anchor the plant in the substrate. It may also grow rhizoids (hair-like roots) to help anchor the plant.

    Per Bundle: 5 stem

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    Hygrophila Balsamica

    This plant is especially well-suited for tanks with lots of light and a high CO2 content; if there is less intensive light and a lack or a deficiency of CO2 it won’t attain its characteristically beautifuly bright green hue, and the leaves stay smaller and have a coarser look.

    Per Bundle: 5 stem

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  • Infinity Aquarium...

    Pump Cycle Fresh Sea Water Circulation Purification Aquascape Oxygen

  • Infinity Bloodworms...

    Infinity freeze fried bloodworms is a high protein diet supplementary for tropical fish.

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    LED 7 Colors Change...

    Energy-efficient decorative lighting, widely used in fish tanks, cisterns, rockeries, pet cages and other.

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