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Althernathe Reneikii

AR “mini” in the foreground and a variegated varietal behind it. The variegated version of Alternanthera reineckii has visible vein patterns and striking foliage.

Per Bundle: 5 stems

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The red Alternanthera reneckii (AR) comes in different varietals, with the AR “mini” gaining popularity these days because it is shorter and redder than the other varietals. In the picture below, we have the shorter “mini” in the foreground and the slightly taller variegated “Rosanervig” behind it. The ‘mini’ varietal is a good foreground/midground plant, while taller varietals such as the ‘rosaefolia’ are suitable for backgrounds in a planted aquarium. They are generally slow growers compared to other stem plants, and can take a certain amount of overcrowding and shading, making them very easy to use in aquascaping.


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