Fish AUCTION FEVER Mechanics



First 10 Auctioneers that made a completed auction order during the promotions will get 1 Year Featured Auction with Badge on 2 auction items.

Auctioneer that made more than 10 completed auction orders during the promotions will get the J4F Prizes once this promotion ends on June 20, 2021.

Terms & Conditions

Auctioneer must live here in the Philippines, a Filipino Citizen and must be 16years old and above.

Winning Bidders must not be related to the Auctioneer such family members, relatives or co-employee.

Auctioneer must like and shared our Facebook Page

Winners will be announced and posted in our Facebook Page and in our website.

Winners will be given 7 days to claim auction prizes. Just4Fish will be contacting you on how to claim your auction prizes.

Unclaimed Prizes shall be forfeited on the 8th day of the claiming grace period.

Plus 5,000.00 in cash


+ 1pc 20G Aquarium Tank
+ 1pc Aquarium TOP Filter Infinity R8881
+ 1pc Xilong 100Watts Stainless Heater
+ 1pc 100G XO Super RedSyn